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How can Aerobic Spore Counting Help You?

Aerobic Spore Count is used to assess the removal of particulates from water by different physical removal techniques. This assay is frequently used to determine the effectiveness of filtration systems for particle removal.


What is an Aerobic Spore?

Aerobic Spores are bacteria that form an encapsulated spore as a survival mechanism in response to changes in environment and food availability. They become dormant until more optimum conditions come along and allow them to flourish again.


Where are Aerobic Spores Found?

Aerobic Spores are found everywhere in the environment. They are found in water, soil, and in the air. They can be found on vegetation, in dust, and even in intestinal tracts. There are a wide variety of bacteria that can produce spores. These bacteria can be either pathogenic or non-pathogenic.

How Can Scientific Methods Help Me?

We are a full service microbiology laboratory that provides testing and analysis services to clients throughout the US. We can assist you in the development of your water safety plan and analyze your samples.


What is the Procedure for Aerobic Spore Count Testing?  

Samples are pasteurized to inactivate interfering vegetative bacteria, while preserving any spore-forming bacteria that would survive harsh conditions. The samples are then filtered through a 0.45 micron membrane that is transferred to selective media and incubated overnight.  Bacterial colonies are then counted to determine the number of spores present.

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