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Rapid & Accurate Results

Scientific Methods is one of the country’s most respected environmental microbiology testing laboratories. We provide accurate and rapid results which will help ensure public safety, while protecting your reputation and meeting regulatory standards. 


How We Work 

We provide the highest quality testing services available to address today’s most

urgent microbiological challenges. Our confidential microbiological analysis, reports

and support services are accurate, reliable, and competitively priced.

What We Do 

We provide advanced testing solutions ranging from identifying pathogens, and

microorganisms to device or method validation studies for organizations such as the

USEPA. We also provide products such as continuous flow centrifuges, virus

capture filters, Easyphage plates, and more.

Who We Serve

We serve a wide range of public and private entities involved with water, wastewater,

biosolids and other industries. Our accurate testing methods and reliable data helps

you meet compliance requirements and respond to unexpected challenges that you

may encounter.

What kind of service do we give our customers?

"PDC Laboratories, Inc. has been using Scientific Methods as a subcontract lab for
Cryptosporidium testing on a monthly basis since 2016. They handle everything from direct
shipping sampling containers to the clients to analyzing and reporting data, and everything else
in between. Scientific Methods analysts are very knowledgeable and have been more than happy to assist in all our testing needs."

Kim Rakowski, Drinking Water Project Manager,

PDC Labs, Peoria IL

Ready to find out what's in your water?

If you are unsure about your project parameters or have other testing questions, please fill out a quote form for us to better understand how to meet your needs. 

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