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3rd Party Probiotic

Bacteria Enumeration

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria and yeasts that are good for you. They are found in and on the body. Probiotics help maintain gut health and support your immune system. They can be found in supplements and in yogurt. Probiotics are frequently recommended by doctors to help with digestive issues.



What is 3rd Party Probiotic Enumeration?

Scientific Methods can act as a 3rd party evaluator of probiotics. We can enumerate probiotics to ensure actual live organisms per gram of freeze-dried powder or capsules. This service can be provided to probiotic manufacturers and to final product manufacturers to verify actual numbers. As a 3rd party evaluator, our results are completely independent of the manufacturer.



What Makes Scientific Methods a Good Choice for 3rd Party Evaluations?

We will use the same materials and the same methods the manufacturers use for their own QC process. The techniques we employ give the most accurate counts.

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