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Human Adenovirus 


Adenoviruses are important human viruses that cause enteric illnesses and respiratory and eye infections. These viruses are prevalent in rivers, coastal waters, swimming pool waters, and drinking water supplies worldwide.  Moreover, adenoviruses have been found to be significantly more stable than fecal indicator bacteria and other enteric viruses during UV treatment. Therefore, these viruses are suggested to be the best candidate for treatment studies, such as UV, chlorination, ozone, etc. Scientific Methods has a special cell line to detect adenoviruses by plaque assay, or ICC-PCR (integrated cell culture-polymerase chain reaction). Please contact us to discuss your project, so we can provide the best testing method for you.


Scientific Methods is also capable of detecting other enteric viruses such as Hepatitis A, rotavirus, and poliovirus using qPCR.

Please contact us for pricing and sampling instructions.

What are Human adenoviruses?

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